About us

Welcome to Snail Crafts! There are three of us here, slowing chipping away at the mounds of wonderful fabrics I seem to keep replenishing.

Behind the site and sewing machine, it’s me, Kate. I’ve been knitting for quite some time but recently discovered a love for quilting. There are so many patterns and so many fabrics and I can only keep so many for myself.

Eric doesn’t sew but he gets called in to help decode patterns or do quilt math. Or iron binding when I‘m on deadline. Without him - none of this would be possible. (Same thing goes for my parents. Love you both dearly!)


This is Kelvin. We fostered him about 5 years ago in the hope he’d love us enough to become his forever home. Here is he testing out one of my quilts. The disclaimer part now - he is notorious for finding freshly laundered fabric and laying on it. All quilts are washed prior to delivery so it is not a much of a concern. But for items such bags or purses that cannot be washed after assembly - please don’t gift them to someone with pet allergies.

Everything on here is handmade by me. I strive for the best quality but sometimes things will have a little character.

Thank you for stopping by!

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